vrijdag 22 juli 2016

Witty Art Puppetry: The first EVER preview...

So, here's the first EVER preview of what, in time, is going to be yet another expression or even manifestation of Witty Art! Moving from 2D to 3D, here's the first try out sample of Witty Art Puppetry, created by my Studio PuRRR's fellow creative mastermind Deborah van de Beld (a costume designer and fabric connaisseur in her own right AND a highly skilled culinary artist and who'll be launching her own House of Westenwind over the coming months).

I have always envisioned my artwork coming alive, both old skool, as in: handmade, crafted with various materials; and digitally, perhaps in a form of stop motion animation. But for a number of reasons, I never got around to figuring that all out. Something to do with living in the hell of crippling self doubt, fear of failure and - less prozaic - other projects and businesss stuff demanding too much of my time. So I basically stuck to drawing - don't get me wrong, I LOVE it and drawing and painting will always be a necessity to me, as I sometimes simply just have to do it or I'll go mad. But other plans, ideas, dreams, well .. they just got postponed.

So it is great to have someone motivating me to pick up where I left and start working again towards a three-dimensional world of Witty Art, one way or the other.

In short: to be continued...

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