zaterdag 2 juli 2016

Witty Art proudly on display at Lijnbaan 140, The Hague

So, yesterday I went to The Hague to prepare my part of the exhibition in private artgallery Lijnbaan 140. It all went very well and extremely smooth as it turned out to be a perfect combination of both my work and that of Ellen Tuyn, the gallery's owner and a painter herself. Even though our styles and techniques couldn't be any different, we came up with a perfect arrangement for our artwork, which is complemented by the glass sculptures of Heidi van de Water; scrap art creations by Karin Nolmans and delicate porcelain art by Maya Wuhrmann. 

There will be an exclusive viewing of the exhibition on Sunday July 3rd from 11 to 14 hrs, Lijnbaan 140, Den Haag (The Hague).

After Sunday, Lijnbaan 140 is open by appointment only. If you want to visit the exhibition, please contact gallery owner Ellen Tuyn on her mobile: 06 48 27 51 48.
The exhibition will run untill he end of July. 

The selection on display as of tomorrow consists of seven older works, created back in 2014 and recent drawings, created recently over the last couple of months, even this very week! There's seven 'Singles', all of them shown during previous exhibitions but never together in this particular line up. 

Besides those, there is also a selection of new works from my series 'Lost Bear'. To be precise, ten in total and off them were created just earlier this week, especially for this exhibition! 

Also on display, in their very own special corner of the exhibition: a couple of smaller two-pieces and three-pieces from what is now called the series 'Lost My Bearings'. The latter, in fact, is more or less a spin-off of the 'Lost Bear'-series, but I will write more about that in a separate blogpost.
For now, I am looking forward to what no doubt will be a great opening tomorrow, and a chance to introduce Witty Art to some new friends and followers, as well as re-encounter some older ones!

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