woensdag 13 juli 2016

Frozen in time? Flashback to my series Such A Sudden Cold

Back in 2013, I created a series of drawings called ''Such A Sudden Cold'', which portrays a lonely figure, caught or even stuck in dark surroundings, unable to break away from it, while being under threat by another persona, which is clearly after him. Whether this persona's intention is to safe him from the black hole he's stuck in or to push him even further into the abyss, isn't sure.

The only thing is that the density of the ''hole'' varies in each artwork, from a pitchblack and dense darkness in some drawings, to a more lucid kind of grey in others. In some drawings, the figure to the right appears to be less of a threat, not attacking but even reaching out to the prisoner, sometimes even turning away from him, as to shield himself.

The whole atmosphere of this series to me, indeed, is that of a sudden coldness that can overcome you when find yourself thinking of not too pleasant things from the past. The kind of memories that leave your whole body and mind frozen, not being able to breathe while trying not to relive them. The kind that chills you to the very bone. 

Definitely not the kind of frozen 'never could bother Elsa anyway' but a far more dystopian sense of all consuming cold.

There are currently a total of seven of this series. Five of them have been on display in 2013, at the opening exhibition of my project Sint Maria's Gallery, a now closed down pop up gallery in Rotterdam. Later on, early 2015, I showed another two during the Maak Het Mee Pop Up Expo at the Josephlaan, also in Rotterdam. 

Currently, I am not so sure whether this series is finished or not, as I didn't have any time over the last couple of months to study it properly. So I will have to see how this one will develop, or not, once I will have a closer look at it again. See if the black hole is able to swallow me this time!

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