maandag 26 oktober 2015

''Stagefright'' shines a light on being in the spotlights

''Stagefright'' is a series of, for now, four drawings, I made during one rainy afternoon. One of those afternoons that nothing seems to work and all that should go right goes horridly wrong. So, drawing and creating Witty Art is always the better option.

That rainy night, ''Stagefright'' emerged from my mind and onto paper. I don't remember what made these images come out, I only know that once my pen touched the paper, I had to draw something in black and white, without the use of any colours.

What lies beneath the actual image, or what triggered it: I don't even know myself, except it has something to do with both loving and hating being in the spotlights. And sometimes, just sometimes, there is no way to avoid it. When taking to the stage, you gotta face the fear. Or something like that.

Well, the audience at least.

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