vrijdag 23 oktober 2015

A Wonderful & Wandering Dream: ''Into The Wanderland''

Finally, I found or rather made some time to perform some much needed updates to this blog, starting with the page Witty Art Series 2011-2014. I've added some new (or older) images, some of them not even shown before. Some of these images are proper (low res) scans or photos from my art work, others are made with iPhone or iPad. The latter I do not find to be the most ideal e.g. professional looking, but in my current living and working situation, stuck with no home and no studio, let alone suffice equipment at hand (for that, please read blogs posted here) I have to make do with it. 

And guess what? I actually am pretty content with it for now! 

Anyway, a couple of stuff has been long overdue posting, like ''Into The Wanderland''', which I consider to be one of my more poetic, surrealistic series. Perhaps even dreamlike.

You see, I dream a lot. I know most (highly) creative minds dream a lot and a lot has been written about the relation between sleep, dreams and creativity. The thing with me is, whereas most people remember their dreams to some agree, I seldom remember mine, except when they are extremely vivid and almost physical. But, normally I do not remember them.

Yet I cannot help but thinking that, in a way, I do, as sometimes I do look at my work and wonder where some of the images appearing on paper come from. Surely, they must come from somewhere, either from the subconscious, which, I suppose, is the domain of sweet dreams and (un)pleasant nightmares. As well as vivid imagination and translucent visions.

With Witty Art, I know where the inspiration for some works comes from and I can recall that very directly and also talk about it. Where it was born from, which grounds it is rooted in. With others, I can absolutely not. They just occur. They just are. And sometimes are just as elusive are to me as they are to others. 

So, what can I tell you about ''Into The Wanderland'', then? Well, that it's not about ''The Wonderland'' that a certain Alice gets lost in, nor that it's about some magic fairytale kingdom from my or your childhood. Not the stuff that dreams are made off, I'm afraid, even though mythical creatures like unicorns do seem to appear. This Wanderland is the domain of nightmares rather than dreams, a place in which you are lured into to wander but are strictly forbidden to do so. Well, it seems to be a somewhat inhospitable place to me, at least, but, you, the viewer, are kindly invited to think, to feel and to experience otherwise.

Such is the case with ''Into The Wanderland''. I can only conclude it must have been one Wonderful and Wandering Dream - so I hope to dream it more often.

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