zondag 25 oktober 2015

Bravely battling the corporate rat race: UnBunny appearing in ''Innovation In Carnation''

Quite a while back, I wrote a blogpost about one of the most beloved Witty Art Characters, a little fellow named UnBunny. The first time he appeared in my work, he immediately got his own series and it proved to be one of my best selling ones: ''Innovation In Carnation'', which I started in 2011 and is pretty much still going on, having reached up to over 30 drawings by now. It features UnBunny battling an increasingly technological world, a battle he is bound to loose ofourse... or is he?

Anyway, UnBunny turned out to be such a well-loved character, he appeared in a spin-off series called ''Innovation In Corporation''. This time, he bravely takes on the corporate rat race and epically fails at it, fighting office appliances and equipment. And worse, getting lost in processes and procedures. Much worse, being grinded somewhere between management and cost accounting.

I started this series back in 2012, but somehow never got the chance of the opportunity to showcase the finished drawings on this blog. So far, I finished eight of these in total, of which four were displayed during several exhibitions and art events.

During which I witnessed a great number of people smile at what our long-suffering (anti)hero has to endure. Many of them confessing to me that UnBunny's corporate ''antics and adventures'' were all but too familiar for them. And that's something I can definitely relate to. 

I too, like UnBunny, ran the corporate rat race once. But unlike him, I succeeded. More or less. I mostly succeeded in fooling myself though. That environment and that role were simply not me. But more about that, another time, another place.

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