dinsdag 28 juni 2016

The first harvest of an afternoon's session of Witty Art Live!

Seven poets, writers and singer-songwiters on stage during the live poetry, art & food event Horen & Zien & Schranzen (loosely translated: Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Eat a LOT) I co-organised with my other creative business Studio PuRRR, last Sunday June 26th.

Well, eight, to be precise, because I took to the stage to create Witty Art Live. The challenge: to use the verbal input by the other performers and to translate that into my art. Whether that'd be narrative illustrations or more autonomous, abstract images, was entirely up to me.

The result of that live drawing session proved to be both surprising and inspiring. Surprising, because when you are drawing live on stage and you are primarly and directly responding to what is being said or sung, your mind is seriously working overtime. You are trying to take it all in while at the same time listening and grasping the images your own brain comes up with. It's literally a clash of your world and that of the artist performing up there with you. Almost like a mutual jam session.

So, it's always challenging, but definitely an inspiration because it stirs you into directions you weren't set on going, exploring sometimes familiar but mostly unfamiliar territories. I love it.  

So, the first harvest is here. And some works even spotting Dutch titles, highly unusual for those of you who know Witty Art well. Then again, all poets were Dutch, from the city of Groningen, to be exact. 

From left to right, the titles of the drawings, followed by the artist who inspired it:

'Roteenden (Lame Ducks') inpsired by a story by poet and writer Fieke Gosselaar.
'When Your Depression gets MAD at you'' thanks to a very depressively uplifting song by singer-songwriter Melvin Bonnet.
'It's Us Again... We Keep On Judging You'', thanks to Fieke Gosselaar
'When You Invite Depression In (Unwillingly)' thanks to Melvin Bonnet, again.
'I Picked Him Up.. Where?' a bizarre girlfriend-turned-bodybuilder experience by slam poet and ace performer Joost Oomen.
'Ode To The Absent Minded', inspired to quite an intimage and poignant song by singer-songwriter Lou Lou Elisabettie.

There is quite some more stuff I need to sort out and add a few finishing touches to, and then the result of that afternoon will be all finished and I will publish them all here on this Witty Art Blog!

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