maandag 4 april 2016

Great opening of my solo showcase in Stroop Rotterdam!

And another succesful opening for Witty Art! Quite a number of people turned up to join me for the opening of my solo showcase at Stroop Rotterdam yesterday. Some good friends and dedicated followers of my artwork, others people I had met only briefly before or not at all, so again a great opportunity to meet other people and introduce them to my World of Wit(t), so to speak. 

The exhibition will run for another couple of weeks up and untill with Saturday April 30rd, when it will close off with a special afternoon lunch - more on that SOON! Also, I might be popping up with some Witty Art Live one afternoon or more!

Stroop Rotterdam
Mathenesserweg 21 Rotterdam

Wed-Thursday: 10-18 hrs
Friday: 10-20 hrs
Saturday: 10-18 hrs
Sunday: 12-18 hrs 

Below, you'll find some more impressions of Sunday's opening!

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