zondag 17 april 2016

Witty Art Expo in Stroop proves to be another Witty Art Wall in progress!

A great day for some LIVE Witty Art action in Stroop, as I set out for some live drawing on location. I mean, making art, having coffee and a homemade syrup waffle on the side really IS the great combiantion it is on paper. 

So, made a couple of new multi-pieces this afternoon, all of them featuring Lost Bear and his quest for just a bit of love. I just need to add some touch ups and than have to frame them and add them to my exhibition. So yes, I suppose that, in a way, I am creating another Witty Art Wall again! The only difference being, that this time all the work actually is framed. 

I am looking forward to add them to 'my wall', where they will feature up and untill with April 30rd. On that day, the closing date of my exhibition, a very special lunch will be served for visitors. More details on that very soon, too!

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