donderdag 10 maart 2016

Inspiration for a brandnew Witty Art Series to be shown at my April Expo at Stroop!

So, while prepping my upcoming April exhibition at Stroop Rotterdam, I got some inspiration for a new series, a set of small-sized drawings called 'It's Not Really That Heart, Is It?', based upon a drawing made in my Witty Art Book 'My Life In Limbo'. I think it's going to be a neat one and can't wait to show the finished works.

Remember folks, my upcoming Witty Art Expo opens at April 3rd, 15-18 hrs at Stroop Rotterdam, Mathenesserweg 21, Rotterdam. One of the coolest maker's spaces in town, to chill, work, grab a healthy bite or simply have a great coffee and an even more special 'stroopwafel', that very own Dutch treat that foreigners might know as a 'syrup waffle'

You can find all the information about the April showcase of Witty Art in this blogpost

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