woensdag 7 januari 2015

Work-In-Progress: series 'Where Angels Do Not Fear To Tread'

Recently, I decided to post more updates featuring sneak previews or snap shots, mostly taken with smartphone or tablet, from works-in-progress. Lately, I have been doing so especially on my Instagram profile and the respons over there has been so supportive, that I thought it'd be a good idea to feature more of those on this blog as well. I guess it also keeps friends and followers of Witty Art engaged in the whole ''making of'', just like the so-called live sessions do. Plan to organise more of those as well!

Anyway, this is a short post dedicated to another series 'in progress': 'Where Angels Do Not Fear To Tread'

The title is based on the famous line written by Alexander Pope in his poem An Essay on Criticism (1709). The line since then has been immortalised by, amongst others, Abraham Lincoln in his Peoria speech (1854), Johnny Mercer's classic song recorded by, to name a few, Frank Sinatra, Ricky Nelson and many others and provided tons of inspiration for numerous other works of art and creativity. (source: Wikipedia).

The phrase ofcourse refers to the fact that fools, e.g. the unknowing, or the inexperienced will attempt things that wiser people are more cautious of. Whether that is always the case, and whether that is a good thing or not, is food for not only thought but for some heated debates, as I have found out during numerous occasions.

As always is the case with Witty Art, things are not what they appear to be. The question is, though, who are the fools, and who are the angels anyway, that is, IF they are there at all?

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