woensdag 21 januari 2015

'H.U.R.T.' love, lust, power and destruction created a popular Witty Art Series

Most of you might not know this, or not realise it, but it has been only since 2011, I picked up pen and paper and started making Witty Art again - after a long, long time, I can only describe as 'creative drought'. Well, as far as expressing my own visions and thoughts, that is. I was indeed - and still am - very actively involved in the worlds of culture and the arts, but not as a visual artist myself.  You can read a bit more on that and my creative entrepreneuship here.

One of the series that played a significant, if not crucial part in my 'resurrection' as an artist, it's 'H.U.R.T.: Harmful/Hurtful Useless Roadkill Targets'.

A series, made up of in total 11 works, in black and white, basically depicting a bunch of bunnies, well, hurting each other. Up till this very day, it's one of my most dark, most intense series, as it was created in the midst of extreme, personal pains. It was also created as consequence of such. The kettle was boiling over, the volcano had started erupting and to be honest, it hasn't stopped ever since ..

At first, I was extremely hesitant to show this series to people, as it was so powerfully intense but so .. well, confronting, in many ways. But, when I had to make the decision which works to showcase during the exhibtion 'The Sleep Of Reason Breeds Monsters', I felt no hesitation at all. I just had to.

I can still remember the sensation of seeing that one wall in (the sadly now closed down) Gesamt Galerie, where 9 of the 11 'Dark Bunnies', as they have come to be known, were displayed, with two of them hanging seperately elsewhere. One wall of stark black and white images of power, of vengeance, of anger, of hate, of destruction, and,yes, pretty much of love too. And above all, of humanity.

And .. surprisingly, this was the series that got most positive feedback from visitors, as many of them were genuinely touched by what I was trying to say with it. I had many conversations with people about this series, exchanging thoughts on love, lust, hurt and, let's say, ''la condition humaine''.

And .. this series has also proven to be quite popular, as already 4 out of 11 have been sold. And although it always touches me deeply when someone buys a Witty Art Work, no matter the size or price, and provides it with a new home, it feels extra special to know that there are people out there who have made a specific choice for this series.

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