dinsdag 6 januari 2015

New changes to Witty Home Expo have been made!

Most people like to do something like spring cleaning. Well, I have to admit right here and now that I am not really the supa-dupa cleaning type (sorry if I disappointed any of you, but it's the truth) but every now and then I too get that awkward feeling that you need to clean up something. Or change things around. Now, most people tend to that in spring. Not I. I tend to get that feeling at the most inconvenient of times. Like, hours before you have to organise and throw a New Year's Eve Party. 

Yes. That's the time I decide to rearrange my Witty Art Home Expo. As you do.

Actually, it didn't take me too long. But I was set on hanging the total selection of 9 works that were showcased during last year's Route du Nord (25-26 September). With success! And yes, I am happy I made the decision because it's a selection of Witty Art I am very proud of and I feel has taken my art up to a whole new level and into a new direction.

If you want to take a up and more closer look at each individual work, please click here to visit the collection of ''The Singles'' (currenlty 33 or so, there are many more and I still need to digitalise them all - but that too, will happen soon!). 

Besides, I definitely would like to open up the doors of Casa (also Studio) Witty for an art viewing (invites only though), similar like the one I held back in 2013. Perhaps I could combine it with a small Witty Art Live Session. Have to think about that. But will definitely keep you all posted! 

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