dinsdag 6 januari 2015

Witty Art Shout Out! Special Art & Awareness Project by Dagmara Cielecka

So, as some of you followers of Witty Art might know, I joined Instagram last year. Usually, when I join a new social network or platform, I like to stay put and just browse around, learning by looking around, so to speak. Which is also an excuse to shamelessly post pictures of that other internet sensation: cats. And coffee.

But, after a while I got the hang of it. It's an ideal medium for quickly sharing snapshots of your work, building a more international community in a less elaborate way than, for instance, Facebook. I find it especially ideal for visual artists, as it's all about the power of the image (and okay, ''hashtagging'' your way through the InstaWorld as well, but that's something you pick up quickly enough). So, if you feel like, please do connect with me on Instagram!

But that's not solely what this post is about.

Besides getting to share Witty Art with the world, I also discovered the often amazing art works, but also writing and other massive inspirations by other creative minds. To me, Instagram has proven to be a place of not only sharing but great mutual inspiration, engaging in contacts with other artists and really art-minded people of all ages and all walks of life. 

One in particular I'd like to showcase right now. And one of her many projects in particular. 

(c) Dagmara Cielecka Art
Dagmara Cielecka's Awareness Book
So, who's Dagmara Cielecka? Let me tell you: she is one amazingly talented creative person. I can't remember exactly how I came across her profile, probably by scrolling through the selection of many (many!) pictures Instagram offers you on a daily basis. But, once I had a looked at her Instagallery, I was taken in by her work as well by a line in her profile that read: ''I draw for a purpose'', followed by the words ''RAISING AWARENESS'' and then a link to a Kickstarter fundraiser. Here was a young artist trying to raise funds for a book. Okay, I thought, been there, done that, so many do that. But, always keen on discovering new stuff, I had a look. Those of you who know me well, I did so with that typically Miss Witty mixture of enthusiastic curiosity and mild scepsis.

But, I tell you. This was something else. This was special.

Now, there is a lot I could write, about that book. But let me quote some of Dagmara's own words on her project:

''I will be creating a book of awareness full of drawings of people who are battling many illnesses. The book will also include drawings and stories of people who have passed away from a disease that needs more awareness. The aim of the book is to simply raise as much awareness as possible to these horrible illnesses that may not get enough funding, like childhood cancer. All the people who will be featured in my book, will receive a free copy of it. Shipping of these will be covered with my own money.''

(c) Dagmara Cielecka Art
To these words I'd like to add: 

Here is a young creative mind, an artist, still studying at university (Hertfordshire, UK), who is dedicating a significant amount of time and her own resources, also financially, towards this goal: to give (terminally) ill people a very personal and intimate portrait. A portrait made during what must be one of the most vulnerable time of their lives, but not presenting them as such, but in a way that shows pride, love, beauty, even joy - and yes, every emotion thinkable, imaginable, you deal with when you and/or your loved ones face a severe illness. I too, have been facing such a battle, not personally, but I lost too many close relatives for me not to know what a disease like cancer does to families.

I think it takes a special person to make people feel special. Now, I have not been following Dagmara for that long, but from what I've seen from her on Instagram and other social media, like Facebook, she is sincere, hard working and if there is one bundle of sheer positivity, it's her. For instance, she also started the project 365 Good Deeds: to challenge herself and other people to do something good, small or great, doesn't matter, but something good each day of the year. So, if you are at it, do connect with 365 Good Deeds.

And, as someone who has great experience with professional fundraising on a high level I think it's safe to say that this is a 100% genuine project. Oh yes, for those of you who do not know... in another life, one far, far, far away, I used to be a corporate communications/marketing and sponsormanager. I worked for several international NGO's so I kinda think .. what makes a trustworthy project or not. And I still help raise funds for smaller causes, every now and then, but only the ones I believe in.

And this is one project I do believe in. All I am asking you is just to take a look at the Kickstarter page. Or connect with Dagmara on Facebook or Instagram, if you have any questions, just ask her. 

So, a quick recap with all information needed: 

Dagmara Cielecka's Awareness Book
Kickstarter Fundraiser page.
Dagmara Cielecka Art on Instagram 
Dagmara Cielecka Art on Facebook
Dagmara Cielecka's 365 Good Deeds

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