maandag 18 november 2019

Karmijn Winterexpo at Community Center Boezemstraat with Witty Art!

Last weekend, a couple of members of the Rotterdam Art Collective Karmijn hosted a small but quaint opening of a new show of their work at the community center Boezemstraat 187, in the Rotterdam-Crooswijk area.

When asked to join this exhibition, I decided to keep the same selection that was already in place for October's edition of the artmanifestation Kunstroute Kralingen-Crooswijk, but then arranged a bit differently. Still quite happy with the result and I might decide to replace this selection with some other Witty Art but not sure about that.

On show are the three works that make up my '2013 series ''Heavy Weight'' and a couple of Singles from 2013-2014 - and gotta say, they do make a nice combination together. I also think it works nicely because of ''Heavy Weight'' displaying a more illustrative style of my work as whereas the four Singles each are a good example of the more autonomous, surrealistic side of Witty Art. 

Ofcourse, feel free to check out my Witty Art Singles from 2015-2016 - and when I am typing this I am rather embarrased to admit I have not properly updated this Art Blog since then, instead being far more active on Instagram to show and promote my art. This is partially because of sincere lack of time, as other parts of my creative business sadly often take priority over promoting my art, partially because I am still figuring out what type of website would cater my needs best. I know I do need a new website and I have been looking into Wordpress and yes, Wordpress it'll be - but I am still not sure which template would suit me best, what is the best way to communicate about my artwork and the various ''branches'' of Witty Art; whether to incorporate a webshop into this website or host a separate one, etc. etc.

Things that do need urgent sorting out but then again .. that takes time and time, again sadly, is not always around here in abudance. BUT, must get around to it, I know!

However, am drifting away from this blog's actual topic, this winterexhibition with my fellow Karmijn members which include, amongst others, Jan Sinke, Willem van Hest, Lara Muradjan, Vera Witleer, Hans van Rongen and Michiel Boelaerts.

So, this exhibition will be on up and untill with Sunday February 1st. As the location is being actively used as a community center during weekdays, the exhibtion will be open on Saturdays only from 13.00 - 17.00, with at least one of us artists present. There is also the small possiblity of the exhibition being extended, but ofcourse I will let you know in due time.

I myself will be there on various occasions and will communicate such and other updates through either this blog or via social media, especially my Witty Art account on Instagram.

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