vrijdag 26 juni 2015

The first of a new series of Pop Ups at Entrepot Area, Rotterdam!

Today, a whole new Pop Up Expo opened at Entrepotgebouw, Rotterdam. Same area as the last Pop Up of May 17th, but different location. Though still situated at The Marina, right on the waterfront. Again, an initiative by artists Antoinette MH Brandenburg en Natasja Dolk/Droomcreaties in joint collaboration with myself, under the name of Kult@R Collective. 

We will be organising a series of three Pop Up Expo's, which starts today, June 26th and ends on July 19th. Exact dates and times are: 

June 26-28, open: 0-17 hrs
July 3-5, open: 10-17 hrs
July 19th, open: 10-17 hrs 

Again, I set up a version of my Witty Art Wall, which has turned out to be a very handy 'up & go' concept, which makes it extremely suitable for short-term pop-up events. Also, I started to see the concept of an Art Wall more and more as one big, mural-kinda-like sketching board. It provides me with an overview of how various elements and characteristics of my art work interact with each other,; and how they influence each other as well.

This time, I also took the opportunity to show a mix of both Singles and Series, like 'Crawl On The Catwalk', drawings inspired by a documentary on the French Maison of Lanvin. But also 'Roadblocked' and the threepiece 'Came To Dance' made its way to this selection. 


Other artists showcasing their works were:
- Antoinette MH Brandenburg, paintings
- Natasja Dolk/Droomcreaties, handmade mandala's, mandala designs, drawings and more
- Thea Sabelis, sculptures
- Ejub Deary, paintings & drawings

It made for an interesting collection of artwork from a broad range of artists from various disciplines and each with their own, characteristic style.

The coming days, we will get company from other artists such as Hanneke van Santen (handmade jewellery and designs); Ida Broekhart (contemporary textile art); Tineke Noordzij (paintings, iPad paintings and drawings); Debbie van der Drift (drawings, paintings and objects): Lara Muradjan (paintings) and more!