zaterdag 4 maart 2017

Very happy with my brandnew Witty Art Promo Flyers!

Today, I am very happy to have my brandnew Witty Art promotional flyers delivered, thanks to my prefered printing company Drukland.NL for their quality service, as usual.

So, earlier I ordered a set of brandnew Witty Businesscards, for which I used the image of one of Witty Art's favourite characters: UnBunny, always balancing the tight rope when bridging the gap between the corporate, commercial world of the entrepreneur and the more social and creative aspects of life as an artist.

And when deliberating on which image to choose for my Witty Art promotional flyers, I didn't have to doubt for too long: ofcourse, it had to be UnBunny again and this time, too, I opted for one of my series 'Innovation In Corporation'. Because after all, UnBunny IS one of the most loved Witty Art Characters and, not totally unimportant, series featuring him are amongst my best selling as well. All in all, a good choice for a promo flyer, I suppose.

Anyway, am looking forward to utilize these flyers to the absolute max and spreading them all over town and beyond or handing them out during art events such as exhibitions and so on. So, if you live in or around Rotterdam, The Netherland, you are bound to see some of these in a place near you, very, very SOON!

Also, look out for more new Witty Art promotional items in the near future - and yes, some of these will be available on line as well!