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Welcome to the World of Witty Art!

Imagine The Rock courting The Roll, while dancing on a seemingly dead volcano...
Christy de Witt creates visual images of a unique, surrealistic and sometimes even dystopian world; a tainted place inhabited by scarred survivors and adventurous outcasts. Where cartoon & pop art meet surrealism and expressionism, mixing raw melancholy, bittersweet longing and pitch-black, razor-sharp humour. Christy's Witty Art cuts right into your heart or goes straight into your gut. And you'll still be able to have laugh here and there. Pretty much like Life itself!

Christy's work explores universal human themes, but features bizarre, animalistic, cartoonesque, fable-like creatures. Creatures, coping with life, struggling to survive, clinging on to all they hold dear - or what's left of it. These characters are the main actors, appearing and often re-appearing in (series of) drawings, paintings or other work.

Her work features both a ''light'' and a ''darker'' side. The first is more cartoonesque, exploring the grey area between autonomous and illustration art. Powerful, often surrealistic but also surprisingly familiar images through which Christy shares her vision of a world spinning round and round and round - and its inhabitants doing the best they can not to fall off. They might look sad, unhappy even - at the same time they appear almost glad to be unhappy. This part of Christy's world offers certainly no eace for the wicked, but leaves room for hope.

Then there's a much more darker, sinister world, where almost every inch of hope has disappeared. This world might beautiful but lonely, unforgiving place, but it's also a world at peace. 

Most of Christy's work is created in the no man's land between these two worlds.

About Christy, in her own words
'I am a pretty much selfmade artist and creative professional. And proud of it. Yes, I did go to the Art Academy, and studied there for about four years. Only to discover that the education there at the time was all about concept (which to an extend is really great, don't get me wrong) but not as much about marketing and how to develop the necessary skills for running an art practice.

So, that took me on a journey away from the arts, but not from culture, developing myself further into the field of (cultural and art) marketing, communications and fundraising. Years, during which I learned a lot, which resulted in my own company: TWC Works! Which is short for That Witty Creativity Works! and is all about organising Witty Works & Projects. Creative projects, I think up and set up myself or in joint collaboration with other creative professionals. all Witty Style.

And now, I am back to doing what is still my biggest passion of all: creating my own art, Witty Art, and hoping to touch a few people's lives with it, along the way!