Witty Art Live

Witty Art Live:
Performances, Improvisations & Sketching Sessions
A selection from 2011 - now

Live Witty Art On Stage at Horen & Zien & Schranzen (June 26th 2016)
A live art, poetry & food event at Schiezicht, organised by Studio PuRRR & De Lege Ruimte. Live sketching session on stage together with a selection of Dutch poets, writers and singer-songwriters.    
Live Sketching Session at Stroop Rotterdam (april 2016) 
Working live while attending my own Witty Art Expo in april 2016 at Stroop Rotterdam.

Live Witty Art Session at Desk & Dish (november 2014)
Live drawingsesssion during my exhibition at Desk & Dish in the fall of 2014. This time, I created & sold Witty Art on the spot. I sold quite a couple of artwork that day!

Live Sketching Session at Sint Maria's Gallery (Summer 2013) 
A fotoshoot for Beeldvlinder Photography's series 'Making Art'. That afternoon, my series 'Pin Bear Wizard' was born.

Witty Art Live during Festival WanDelfshaven (September 26th 2012) 
Working live in the window of Hubshop Rotterdam, during Festival WanDelfshaven: a walk during cultural hotspots in Delfshaven area, Rotterdam. A total of 300 people joined the walk and watched me creating new artwork live.

Witty Art Live during VICEVENUS INTERACT! (July 2012)
During this 3 day expo-event I worked on an interactive Witty Art Series 'A Great Human' (which I am still very much working on in 2016 - to be continued)
Theatrical Art Performance together with performer Margo van de Linde, during the Winterwolven Festival at WORM Rotterdam. In my role as mad Doctor Katerina von Wittgenstein, I improvised a series of surreal poetry & sketches, which, one day, will become a fairy tale 'Of Wolf and Mice'. Unfortunately, pics of the performance itself were lost but I still have the sketches as a huge means of inspiration!
‘Monstrous Improvisations’ (17 december 2011)
Live theatre & cARToon art improvisations on the spot, together with performer Margo van de Linde. This performance was part of the exhibition 'The Sleep of Reason Breeds... Monsters!'
With Margo playing an over-the-top invasive admirer of Witty Art. And as the artist and her adoring fan embarked on an increasingly bizarre relationship, so did Margo's theatrial improvisations and hence, my sketches and drawings. In the end, we humans are, indeed, the greatest monsters of all