vrijdag 14 juni 2019

It's been a while... but here is your long overdue update on Witty Art!

So, about time I started posting again on my Witty Art Blog! It's been too long - and an update is long overdue. Sorry about that, dear friends and followers.

It kind of looks like nothing has been going on with all things Witty, but I can assure you, such is absolutely not the case - on the contrary. Those of you who have been following me and my art on Instagram, know that I have been steadily busy growing my volume of art and my art business as well as a whole bunch of Witty Projectwork (blog mainly in Dutch, sorry).

However, as often is the case with artists who run other businesses, those Witty Projects take up a significant amount of my time and last one-and-a-half year has been filled to the brink with them. That is why over the last year or so, my main focus was on my Instagram page - and to be honest, that could've been a whole lot better, as well.

But, hey, sometimes sh*t happens and instead of piling a lot of blame on myself for 'not having done this' or wining about ''shoud've done that', I choose to focus on the positive and look at the many wonderful creative things that DID happen over the last 1,5 year!

So, let's list a couple!

Became a member of Rotterdam Artists Collective Karmijn 
Early 2018, I joined this Rotterdam based artists collective and participated in several group exhibitions and other art events. Karmijn also provides lots of opportunity for connecting and engaging with other local artists as well as offering a bigger podium their artwork.

First time participant of Kunstroute Kralingen-Crooswijk | Artroute Kralingen-Crooswijk
The first time ever I got to exhibit my work during this well known Rotterdam art manifestation. I showcased two pieces of Witty Art as part of a group exhibition with Artists Collective Karmijn.

And ofcourse I hope to participate again in this year's 2019 edition of the Kunstroute Kralingen-Crooswijk.

Steady sales of Witty Art
Throughout 2018 and 2019, quite a number of Witty Art made its way to new owners, something I am very happy with. I've sold work during exhibitions and via my Instagram and also via my Facebook-page. For instance, I sold three works from my series ''Perhaps Happiness Is Truly The Worst State Of Mind'' straight out of my portfolio during an the End Of Year Expo with Karmijn.

First ever international sales - via Instagram!
Even more promising: 2018 marked the year of my first international sales, as Witty Art traveled all the way to Canada. The last couple of months saw Witty Art move to Italy and Australia as well! And all through I made via my Instagram, which only reinforces my belief in the power of social media as a tool to connect with people and build an online community of Witty Art Lovers.

Commissioned work
Last year, I also got a couple of special commissions, ranging from portraying people's pets but also customized versions of existing drawings.

Joined Domo Eclectica
Far from being the umpteenth conceptstore, Domo Eclectica is a warehouse for unique art, vintage and design based in The Hague. Last year, I was inivited by Domo's owner/curator Mariella van der Net to showcase my work there and a small collection of original Witty Art Work can be purchased there. Amongst them my series ''Minor Kitchen Sink Dramas'.

... and equally, or even more importantly, because without it, all things Witty Art related would be at a total stand still:

Artistic growth
Ever since I started creating art again (back in 2008) and started running my art practice in 2011, I feel I have grown so much as an artist, continously working on my 'signature style', developing my talents, honing my skills and building on a consistent body of work.

But I can truly say that the last couple of years, say from 2015 up till now, have really defined and refined both me and my work. I truly believe that I am now ready to truly claim my spot amongst the international art community and reach out to a bigger audience, as I feel that my work deserves it to be seen by as many people as possible.

I have started experimenting with other techniques and materials (again), resulting in a series of mixed media art collages and, very recently, I started working with acrylic ink and paint on canvas. Below are some of the Witty Art Collages I made.

However, I do feel I have not utilized the full potential of chances given to me over the last couple of years. Partially because of that thing I call crippling inner doubt mixed with some sadly persistant reminisence of a low self esteem caused by older and more recent life experiences (such as losing my house in 2015). And partially because of other work obligations, such as projects I do for others because, you gotta make living and I can't live off my art alone... yet!

Well. Not yet.

But that is, ultimately, my aim. To build a thriving Witty Art Business, if not imperium, business, which includes both my art as well as my art coaching practice, the latter aimed at creative and social entrepreneurs furthering their business). And finding a good balance between those two and staying healthy. Or rather, well, not going anymore insane than I already am ;-)

That ultimately means, I am going to have make some clear choices the coming time. On what to do - and what not. And that all comes down on focus. A clear focus on a clear strategy on how to get there, on how to achieve my goals without losing the drive and passion for creating Witty Art. On how to realise my ambitions without compromising my artistic vision.

That, I am going to work on this year - in fact, I have been working on it for quite some time. Like, allocating a certain and fixed amount of time dedicated to Witty Art, for instance. I allocated more time to visit exhibitions, art galleries, museums, art talks and seminars. To engage more with other artists and curators, in real life but also online, via Instagram and other means. And more.

So, time to start both updating and maintaining my Witty Art Blog on a regular basis, showcasing finished work as well as previews, news on upcoming exhibitions and other events, thoughts behind certain works. And, setting up a whole new set up for my international Witty Art Newsletter, or rather, a Witty e-Zine, as I prefer to call it.

And more, so much, much more! So, expect a whole lot more action on this blog again, starting NOW!