donderdag 11 juli 2019

Brandnew Witty Art at a brandnew exhibition at the Marriott Hotel Rotterdam!

Photo: Yvonne Ottervanger

An artist's life often resembles that of a rollercoaster, well, mine certainly is. As my Open Studio Weekend went out of the window because I became unexpectedly and horridly ill with the flu, a new opportunity arose when I was offered the opportunity to join the latest Fresh Expo by Bubble Art Projects at the Rotterdam Marriott Hotel.

An excellent opportunity to showcase brandnew Witty Art, from a brandnew series: ''Something Fishy Going Wrong (Part 1) | Jellyfish Don't Play By The Rules!'. I will share more details of and a bit of background behind this series in a later blog.

So, last Saturday July 8th I found myself in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel in my hometown Rotterdam, in the company of seven other extremely gifted female artists, ready to get our artwork exhibited. Together, it didn't take us long to get our works up on the walls, after which each of us was given some time to talk a bit about our work. It was really interesting to hear more about each artwork, how they came to be and in what way the artists were driven to create their work. 

When it was my turn, I told a bit about myself, about my work as an artist/illustrator and, overall, visual storyteller and how I like to visualize the world that lives in my head: The World of Witty Art and all its inhabitants, the outcasts, the sole soul survivors, the perfectly imperfect misfits that are so dear to my heart. And we spoke about the symbolism behind the jellyfish - but, as said, more on that in a later blog.

(photo: Yvonne Ottervanger)

Then, it was time for an extended three course lunch together, during which we exchanged more thoughts and ideas about our artwork, art in general and experiences as professional artists. Connections were established and even some plans for future collaborations were made!

It was a very well spent and inspirtational afternoon and I can safely say that for me, I will definitely exhibit my work through Bubble Projects again, as it was a very satisfying experience and well organised event.


The Fresh Summer Expo at the Rotterdam Marriott, Weena 686 Rotterdam, can be seen up and untill with Friday August 30th and shows a very diverse range of original artwork by Grace Wychowanska, Julia Maximova, Izabella Verhagen, Yvonne Ottervanger, Rita Camphuijsen, Dinie van Buuren and Christy de Witt.

So, if you happen to be around the coming weeks, send me a message and who knows, we can meet up over a cup of coffee at the Marriot Rotterdam and I can show you the exhibition in person!

(c) All photos on this blog by Christy de Witt unless mentioned otherwise

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