donderdag 18 januari 2018

New Witty Art Expo opening soon at Maak-Rotterdam for Dit Is Uit De Kunst!

Another new exhibtion for Witty Art coming up soon! As of February 8th, a small showcase of my work will be on display during the next edition of Dit Is Uit de Kunst at Maak Rotterdam, a creative store and coffeecorner/lunchroom located at the Mathenesserweg here in Rotterdam-West.

Dit Is Uit De Kunst is a local initiative run by artist/illustrator Nikki Smits who organises and programmes visual artists and musicians from the Delfshaven area at Maak Rotterdam. The Dutch expression ''Dit is uit de kunst'' in Dutch means ''This is really awesome''  and the pun ofcourse lies in the literal translation of the Dutch word ''kunst'' which means ''art''.

So, for this quaint and cosy creative store, I've chosen a selection of my series ''Minor Kitchen Sink Dramas'' and also decided to create some new ones to add to it. Also, I will showcase a couple of smaller Witty Art Originals and while this selection may not be the most edgy of my artwork, as a whole I think it'll contain quite a nice sample of my talents and skills as an artist.

Expect more previews and updates soon! Also, consider yourselves invited (for those of you who are around) to join for the opening, because it's gonna fun. There will be live music as well, brought to you by the talented singer-songwriter Katía; and Maak-Rotterdam will also serve a homemade meal for only € 5,-. You can find all info on the nice poster below, designed by Nikki Smits herself. 

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