vrijdag 16 december 2016

Special commission: EarthRocks & MoonSwings are still rocking away!

This week I am working a very special commission, for a very special occasion. A special request, coming from a good friend, who displayed a great deal of interest in my series ''EarthRocks & MoonSwings'', which I started a couple of years ago. To be precise, in the years in 2012-2013 and I had not been working on this particular series since that time. If you like, this is the blogpost in which I introduced them to the world.

There are quite a few people out there who happen to own a piece of this series, basically a tale of an unconditional friendship, an unbreakable bond between Little Earth & Little Moon, formed when they were young, way back when their galaxy was young too - and not one that far, far, far away. A happy and caring duo, who are always there for each other, no matter how Rocky the Road and whatever Mood will Swing... You see, there is a little hidden corner in the dystopian World of Witty Art that you might call a happy, carefree place. It's there where Little Moon & Little Moon play, walk, dance and have fun together. For as long as EarthRocks & MoonSwings, everything's gonna be just fine ... ;-)

So, I created a couple of new ones, 11 in total. These new additions are a bit bigger than the ones from the first batch from 2012-2013. Those all measured 10x 15 cm and these new ones are each about the size of an A5. I used the same materials as back then, starting with graphite pencil just to sketch the initial outlay and then progressing with black indian ink and then adding watercolours.

Though perhaps not as intense or not as heavy as my other work, I found great pleasure in making these drawings, it was almost like I rediscovered this happy loving couple and it was good fun coming up with their little adventures and bringing them onto the paper.
Makes me wonder, perhaps I should introduce them to 'Lost Bear', who wanders alone on the furthest edges of the outer universe of Witty Art. Guess that would make a very interesting, if not confronting combination.

Now, does that sound as if there might be something like a little story coming up? Or a couple of stories, perhaps, a book even? ...

Who knows? Who wants to know? If you do, than feel free to follow me here on this blog or on my Instagram account!

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