maandag 26 december 2016

Lost and now found: another 'Lost Bear' off to a happy new home!

More wandering Witty Art found its way to a happy new home off late!And when I say ''wandering'', how can it be anything else than one of those ever wandering, glad to be unhappy ''Lost Bears''? Well, sure enough, here is another one of them little brave bears who managed to get himself a very a nice warm and happy new home. 

My dear friend Leon Keekstra, food and hospitality expert and a qualified barista trainer as well and in my home town Rotterdam also known as 'De Stadsbemoeial' (self-acclaimed City Meddler) spotted this little fellow ''Just Merrily Holding On'' during the opening of my autumn exhibition at Hostel Ani & Haakien last september. And he just to have it, so bought right there and then. 

It took a while, but the other day I was finally able to bring his very own piece of Witty Art to him - and as you can see on the picture below, he was ever so glad to receive it. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that his house will be the most welcoming for this once Little 'Lost Bear'!

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