donderdag 22 december 2016

''EarthRocks & MoonSwings #35'': a brotherly wedding gift

Very proud to show this piece of Witty Art, a special commission for a special occasion: a wedding gift from one brother to another.

Buyer spotted my earlier created series of 'EarthRocks & MoonSwings' on this blog and figured that this display of galaxic bromance would the perfect gift to surprise his brother with on his wedding day. Only problem being, the drawings from the first series created back in 2012-2013 he had his eye on, had all been sold - so, what better motivation than to create a couple of new ones, especially for this occasion? 

So, I created a number of 11 new works in total, of which I showed a previous preview here on this blog. Ofcourse, I will display them all later in good order, but first, I wanted to share with you the one that turned out to be the buyer's choice. 

And as always, I was surprised, as Nr 35 was not the one I myself thought he would choose, but he and his wife admitted it was a difficult task, as they had fallen in love with all of these 11 new adventures of Little Earth and Little Moon. So, we agreed that they'd be back in January next year to choose another one, for themselves. 

Mind you, they have to exclude Nr 44, as that one is already picked by another buyer ;-)

For those of you who are struck with curiosity now, you will have to contain it somewhat longer, before I will post them all here. Or .. hasten yourself to my Instagram Profile (and follow me there, if you like) as I have already started posting them ''en groupe'' there!

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