zaterdag 5 november 2016

''She Will... Always Be Your Mama'' in her happy new home - and that feels great!

My previous blogpost was dedicated to 'She Will Always Be Your Mama' moving to a happy new home. Very recently, I got the opportunity to see her on the wall of the proud new owner of this piece of Witty Art. And as always, that left me feeling extremely proud and grateful for people who show their support and apprecation of my work. By not just purchasing it for the sake of having to have it, but because they truly care about it.

And by showing they care, they are taking care of it, making sure it is displayed in the right way, in the right place. It's like a sense of belonging, somehow, and to me that matters a great, great deal.

You see, for a variety of reasons too personal to convey at this moment, or perhaps at any time at all, that feeling 'belonging' is a matter of great importance to me. In fact, I can safely say, it's one of the every present themes in Witty Art. 

Anyway, to know that my artwork belongs somewhere, makes me one happy artist, and all the more motivated to keep on creating more Witty Art!

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