woensdag 16 november 2016

Even a Little 'Lost Bear' is the colourful type in his own lost and found way

My series 'Lost Bear' is rapidly turning out to be one of my most popular ones. And I am very happy with that, as this brave little fella is really one of my own favourite Witty Art Characters, and perhaps one of those I hold closest to my heart. Now, someone once told me that most of my characters reflects various aspects of my own personality, and to an extend, that might be true but with 'Lost Bear', such is definitely the case - I have to be honest, to both you, friends and followers of Witty Art, and to myself. 

Now, there is a lot to be said about why 'Lost Bear' is so close to my heart that he actually embodies a great part of me personally, but I am still figuring out a way to share that with you, in such a way it feels comfortable for me, as an artist and as a person. But rest assured I will find a way. 

In the meantime, I can reassure some of you that not all is doom and gloom in 'Lost Bear's' world. Yes, lost he may be, but he is pretty good at the art of wandering and as I explained before in this earlier blog, he actually prefers it that way. 

So, here's some proof of the fact that even a Lost Bear is a colourful type, in his very own lost and found way .. new additions to the series, with some added colouring ;-)

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