vrijdag 28 oktober 2016

'She Will... Always Be Your Mama' spotted and SOLD!

Just posting some random selection of work I created over the last two months - with one of the artworks pictured above even being sold without ever having been on display, except on Instagram, where it was spotted by a long-term Witty Art follower! Apparently, she had wanted to purchase one for a long time, but was never really able to make choice (a dilemma I've heard a lot of Witty Art fans going on about) - untill she saw this one: 

Now, this buyer is a devoted mother of two herself, and knowing the great pride and joy she takes in her kids and how protective she is of them, yet also carefully encouraging them to make their own mistakes and learn from it, slowly letting them out from underneath her wings, but always there and prepared to cover them up if need be - I can see why she was instantly drawn to this particular drawing. 

And yes, I did make this drawing with the echo of my own mother firmly in the background, an vivid image of the powerful bond between a mother and her child, as I myself, the youngest from a family of six, always knew and for always will know, that 'She Will Always Be MY Mama, no matter what...''.

So, I was one extremely happy and proud artist when I got to hand over this piece of Witty Art to its happy new owner, as this moment, for me, added a new layer to the drawing, a new chapter to its story. And from here, it will continue to grow even further. Well, who's the proud mama now, huh?


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