vrijdag 13 maart 2015

Pop Up Expo Josephlaan got extended till the end of March!

Great news! Our Pop Up Expo at the Josephlaan got extended for the 3rd time in a row - and this time not for just one or two weeks, but for almost another three full weeks, up and untill with March 29th!

Maak Het Mee! III Pop Up Expo
Josephlaan 38 Rotterdam

A selection of art works by:
Bima Engels, Xenia Gottenkienny, Casper.Inc, Jimmy Granti, Sluban Squad, Naomian Jansen en Christy de Witt.

For this occasion, TWC & Witty Art have joined both creatieve and organisational forces and skills with Naomian Jansen/Planet Zork, who I can fairly claim to be my newly found partner in creative crimes for a lot of upcoming projects! More on that, on another blog soon!

Naomian Jansen is also responsible for designing both the really cool banner and flyer this third ''sequel'' of our Pop Up Expo.

And as we are prepping for this new extended period, we say goodbye to some of the artists who have been participating over the first two weeks.

We say a great thank you to Niks Art Fart, who has been of great support during these first two weeks, and without whom this exhibtion would not have been realised; to Stephanie van Loenen aka YARA, who has designed the digital flyers for our two Live Art Jams; and to POSIX, Dolle Baas, Quint Hartmann, Roland Hendrik and Ann Katherine, who all have other obligations elsewhere. It was great having you guys around!

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