maandag 30 maart 2015

'My Dear Panda '79' : joint live painting gave great ending to our PopUp Expo

Well, our Maak Het Mee! Pop Up Expo seemed like it never would end, but the end was there, finally and ultimately. After getting extended at least three times in a row, thanks to the people of the Alliantie West-Kruiskade, especially Armando Sorrentino, who kindly gave us permission to use this empty shop as a venue to host our artshow.

So, for our final night and closure, we organised another live painting session, this time with remaining participants Bima Engels, Naomian Jansen, Xenia Gott and Christy de Witt, but there were a few other creative minds joining us, such as Irene Siekman (of Rotterdam art venue Werklicht). All of us got together in the making of a wall-covering piece, using various materials and mixed techniques, all purely for the 'joy of painting' (as Bob Ross would put it) and the need to create. It was truly a joy, because we all kept challenging and inspiring each other but while remaining respectful.

A true dialogue of creative minds, the best there is!

We named our work 'My Dear Panda '79'. It didn't survive the clean-up the next morning, as the paint was still dripping wet, there was no way to preserve it and we had to get all our stuff out that very afternoon. So, we creatively demolished it, however, its memory forever preserved in pictures and some video's. 

And on the spot, another Witty Art Work got sold as well

I would like to thank each and everyone who helped me realise this Pop Up Expo, as part of the Maak Het Mee! Project, I organised and coordinated on behalf of the local culture intermediators, Cultuurscouts Rotterdam: 
Menno Rosier, Cultuurscout Centrum for a great collaboration
Armando Sorrentino, Ron van Gelder en Alice Fortes, Alliantie West-Kruiskade 
Naomian Jansen, partner in creative crime and a helping hand in need 
Stichting Cretopia, especially Nik Draaijer, Lennard de Vlieger en Richard Kasperink 
Bima Engels, for all his hard work, assistance and his good spirit 
Gladys Jacobson for the logo design 
and all participating artists during the whole run of the exhibition:
Naomian Jansen, Bima Engels, Nik Draaijer, CasperInc. Jimmy Granti, Roland Hendrik, Ann Katherine, Quint Hartmann, Stephanie van Loenen/YARA, Dolle Baas, POSYX, J.E. Hanley, Sluban Squad, Brian Engel en Xenia Gottenkienny.

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