dinsdag 3 maart 2015

Maak Het Mee! Pop UP Expo got EXTENDED!

Having barely survived our impromptu Live Art & Music Jam, some of us gathered again the next afternoon. Not to gather the remains of the night before (okay, a little bit of cleaning was involved) but to take some pictures and to help our 12th artist hang her work, as we are now with 12 in total!

Along with first initial members Niks Art Fart (Nik Draaijer), Stephanie van Loenen/YARA, POSYX en Dolle Baas (translation: Mad Boss), Casper.Inc, Jimmy Granti, Roland Hendrik en Quint Hartmann, new participants Naomian Jansen and Ann Katherine completed our little Pop Up Posse.

And you can see all of our works and MORE Live Art & Music Jammin' this coming Saturday, March 7th. It's then that MuseumNight 2015 hits Rotterdam and we figured, it'd be shame to let such an opportunity go to waste. So, we are currently busy organising a fun programme, pretty much like last Friday but with some added extra's. It'll be like a warm up for the actual Museum Night, so if you are in town or going to be anyway .. our Pop Up is wham, bam! in the very heart of Down Town Rotterdam and it's for free!

Do NOT forget to check our NEW Facebook event page, especially if you live in Rotterdam!

Maak Het Mee! Pop Up Expo is part of the Maak Het Mee! Mini Festival in Rotterdam area Het Oude Westen. Aim of this event is to highlight the local makers' movement in this part of downtown Rotterdam and espcially the arts, crafts & fashion. An idea by Menno Rosier, Cultuurscout Centrum in a joint venture with Christy de Witt and realised with the input & support by many local parties and entrepreneurs.

Maak Het Mee! The Pop Up Expo is realised by all participating artists with the help & support of Lennard de Vlieger & Cretopia Foudation; and ofcourse Alliantie West-Kruiskade and Woonstad Rotterdam, in particular Armando Sorrentino.

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