maandag 22 december 2014

Great time during Witty Art live event at Desk & Dish this afternoon

Today, I had a really great time, creating new Witty Art LIVE at Desk & Dish! Owners and hosts Michèle van de Craats & Brigitte van Loon thought it'd be a good idea to have me working and making new stuff on the spot, as part of the showcase of my work, which can still be seen up till January 10th. The whole idea was for me to create miniature Witty Art Works on the spot and sell them at a special price.

One of the works I created this afternoon was ''No Such Thing As Easy Growing Pains'', which got sold right on the spot! I mean, the ink and paint weren't even dry and there it went!

And more works saw the light this afternoon and immediately found a happy new home! Here are a few, a little two-piece as yet untitled (I barely had the time to come with names for my 'kids!'), followed by 'Out Of The Blue' and, the very first one of the series 'Modern Robotniks', of which the buyer just had to take it home with him straightaway!

I have to say, creating new work live, drawing while people watch me, is a very interesting experience. Basically, I can draw anytime, anywhere. It's that simple for me, as 'gottadraw' is a pretty powerful urge that comes from deep with in me. Like, right on the very bottom of Maslow's good old Pyramid! (by the way, #gottadraw is one of my favourite hashtags on Instagram, you can also find and follow me there, if you like)

This afternoon, it was just the right atmosphere and a small group of people who were all very sincere, keen to see how Witty Art is made, created, or even born (just depends on how you look at it), engaging in interesting conversations.

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