zondag 26 februari 2017

Flashback to when I made three illustrations featuring this charming pitbull...

Flashback to that time, back in 2013, I was asked to create three illustrations, which were to be published in the special 25th Anniversary of the Rotterdam pop festival Metropolis. I really liked working on that comission, because Metropolis is truly one of those Rotterdam festival icons, headlining bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins and The Prodigy before they rose to worldwide fame.

Metropolis, in other words, is known for showcasing ''The Best You've Never Heard Of'' and has been doing so now for over 25 years. And I even though I myself have missed out on the last editions, I cherish many fond memories of earlier editions, so I was really proud to have been asked to help contribute towards this special 25th anniversary publication.

There is a little catch to this series of three, as you can see a very charming but characteristic pit bull making an appearance on all three drawings. It's a quirky reference to the days when Metropolis carried the nickname ''Pitbull Festival'' with pride, a nickname given by especially those who were not from Rotterdam and found themselves travelling ''all the way'' to the southside of the city, deep into ''Zuid''.

Deep into that part of the city known as Feijenoord - an area in it's core a worker's district (more so 25 years ago, but still today), where most inhabitants are devoted supporters of soccer club Feyenoord and where dogowners have developed a special relationship with the canine breed commonly known as ''pit bulls''. And a significant number of those owners walked their dogs, their pits, in the Zuiderpark, including those days the park hosts events and festivals like Metropolis.

This earned Metropolis the nickname ''Pitbull Festival'' as one of the columns I had to illustrate, clearly refers to this, I obviously had to draw a pitbull - and I just couldn't stop at one, so I created one who'd appear in on all three drawings.

He's what you would call, a handsome dude, a little rough around the edges, with a very down to earth and robust charm and certainly not a dog of many words and whose bark is way, way louder than his bite - if he does so, only when he's challenged to, either to defend himself or the ones he cares for.

Reason why I bring all this up now? .. Well, it's because it seems that this charming fella will reappear in my work. In what way, now, I will have to keep that a bit quiet for now, but I promise all will be revealed, SOON!


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