maandag 9 januari 2017

Unapologetic, unfazed, uncompromised: Lost Bear stands tall and braves all!

As many of you know, 'Lost Bear' is one of my most personal series up to date. Now, most of my work is either somewhat or even highly, yet not overly personal - well, I'd like to think so, at least, otherwise no one would put up with it as there wouldn't be any room for the viewer's perspective at all

But, in any case, 'Lost Bear' is very close to my heart. Some people have even gone as far as stating that these drawings are, in fact, little self portraits of some kind.

So, are they? .. Well, I am not going to elaborate on that here, except that the feeling of being disconnected of the world and therefore in many ways adrift, even lost is not unfamiliar to me.

In an earlier blog, I described him as 'Perpetually Glad To Be Unhappy'. He certainly was back then, when I first created him, now almost two years ago. And he still is today. Now, that is not because he is one who likes to overindulge in drama but because he is intrinsically wired that way. It's his natural state of mind. He just isn't capable of being happy but that doesn't mean he is miserable. He's also very glad to be just who he is. 

Lost Bear has no desire what so ever to have happiness forced upon him like some kind of miracle cure. You won't see him participate in today's modern culture of 'having to be happy' at all cost, even when that means you are faking it and, with every fake smile, become even unhappier than you already were to begin with. 

I'd like to add that above anything else, this brave little Lost Bear is a survivor, none the less. He won't run. But he won't hide his pain and struggle either. He will stand tall and face the world, even if that world doesn't want anything to do with him. He will do so weeping, screaming, sobbing, yelling. He will do so laughing, smiling, grinning. He will touch you and make you smile. He will blow your mind and captivate your heart. He will do so because he is everything most ordinary people aren't.

Perhaps he's not for everyone - but he does not want to be, nor does he claim to be. Take him, or leave him, or leave him alone and in peace. But accept him for who he is. 

He is Lost Bear. Unapologetic. Unfazed. Uncompromised.

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