maandag 23 januari 2017

''The King of Clowns Descends'': small two-piece with a very personal story

Today, I feel the need to share a special kind of work with you, one, or rather, two, I haven't really shared with you before. It's a small two-piece I made in 2012 and originally, I intended it this two to expand to a larger series, but I never got around to that, because, even though he does reappear often in later work, the main character has a very special meaning for me.

It's called: ''The King Of Clowns Descends, #1-2''

This little two-piece is dedicated to my late Bigger Brother William de Witt, affectionaly known als Willy. A charming dreamer with a heavy heart and mind, who lightened up other people's lives, but didn't share a deep affection for life himself. He departed from this earthly building at the too-young age of 38, when I was only in my early 20's and trying to come to terms with this thing called Life myself. Which, in more ways than one, I never really could and never will - but still, in many ways more than he ever could.

In many, many ways I didn't know him really well, but I do remember his witty intellect and humour, his way with words, his boyish charm, his love for playing chess and for cats. I remember the sound of his voice as he was making fun with (or rather making fun of) my other siblings or my mother, but also as he was reading comic books with me, such as The Adventures of Asterix. But most of all, engraved in my memory for ever, is the sound of him singing along with one of his most favourite song of all time, the great American singer-songwriter Neil Sedaka's ''King of Clowns''.

That pretty much explains the title of this little two-piece (and nope, this one is NOT for sale, EVER).

So long, my Bigger Brother, our very own King of Clowns. Wherever you are now, whatever destination you took off 27 years ago, I hope it's a place where you can play all the chess of the universe. And that there are lots of cats around.

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