zondag 7 augustus 2016

More new Witty Art that will most likely go on show in September!

Here's a selection of possible candidates to go on show during the September-October artshow at Hostel Ani & Haakien, an event organised by Rotterdam foundation Pica Pica.

The timing of this exhibit could not have been more perfect, because I have been on a major drawing spree off late, fuelled by all kinds of new inspirations and visions - of all sorts. Ranging from a world in turmoil and the bizarre behaviour of the so called human species inhabiting it to feelings of more contemplative,and introspective kind. Like, a journey into the mind of one of the persons I know both best and least: myself.
The results of this latest drawing binge consist of smaller sized artwork, none of them bigger than approximately A5, which is great because it is the perfect format for showcasing this work at Hostel Ani & Haakien: a very cosy, slightly artsy and really intimate place with a undoubtedly international vibe. I checked out the venu earlier this week and the whole atmosphere is perfect for Witty Art to both blend it and stand out at the same time. Which is just the way I like it!
So, I am looking forward to finetuning my final selection for this upcoming exhibition, which opens on Thursday, September 2016. You van find all the information on the opening (which will include not only Witty Art, but live music and food as well!) here on this blog or on the Facebook-eventpage!

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