maandag 31 augustus 2015

More new additions to my Witty Art Book 'My Life In Limbo'

My Witty Artbook 'My Life In Limbo' is taking me into directions I did not expect at all. When I first started it, I thought it'd be merely a daily, personal reflection on my temporary homeless existence. But it is really turning out much more like an indepth investigation on what Witty Art really is about, where it derives from, where certain characters come from, as I once again have to admit to myself that this feeling of displacement is not new to me. It, somehow, has always been within me, but because of the way my whole life has been turned upside down, the feeling has been intensified immensily.
This may sound like an uneasy process, but really, it's not. Although confronting at times, it's mostly exciting and and makes me look at my own work in unexptected, surprising new ways. And I can see a lot of old, trusted Witty Art characters appear and reappear, and even a couple of new ones emerging.

In a way, you could say it has become much more a reflection by Witty Art Characters on their ''creator'', as they leave a range of mildy ironic or even wildly sarcastic comments on ''her'' life and the choices and decisions she makes. Their comments vary from well-meant advice to slightly affectionate mockery, though they often end up bickering amongst each other. On who was created first, for instance. Or whether they were created at all.

I suppose it's a bit of a battle between 'The Artist' and her 'Artwork', a theme I was already  visualising in a series of quirky selfportraits (selfies) called 'ARTificial Uprising' and which has now clearly become a main theme of my artbook 'Life In Limbo'.

If it's indeed a battle of some kind, it's not exactly clear, who really has the upper hand. I guess, time will tell - as it will all be documented in this latest art project of mine, which has, rapidly and irreversibly, has become one of my dearest. Because, it is indeed my life that is indeed in huge limbo, Witty Art is NOT.

Because, however displaced and disconnected I might be, I will always keep on creating my art. Simply, because I have to.

It's an urge. It's a life force. And I am priviliged to share it with you all

(And oh, while you at it, do feel free to read the first blog I wrote about 'My Life In Limbo' here

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