woensdag 19 augustus 2015

'My Life In Limbo': a Witty Art Book about My Life In Transition

Recently, my life has been up-rooted by a series of major changes. Perhaps the biggest one was me having to leave my house. Or, a bit less poetically: me having to sell my house. Or, because there is simply no sugarcoating this one: the bank sold my house. The clinical term being: forth closure.
It marked both the end of a time of great uncertainty and, however uncertain my immediate future is in terms of living conditions, I do feel free from the burden that that house had become

Yet at the same time, I do experience a feeling of loss, as it once was a place I'd called home and had provided a safe haven after an earlier restart in my life. It was the place that had witnessed the rebirth of Witty Art. Many, many drawings were created there.

But, in the back of my mind I'd always known that it was not to be my end station. I just never expected that when I'd leave, it would be like this.

Without going in too much detail, I now also find myself in the middle of what I can only describe as one seemingly neverending burocratic horrorstory. One big bunch of tangled, almost inextricable red tape, thanks to which I now am temporary homeless. Currently, I am living the life of a 21st century city nomad, living out of a suitcase (well, a couple, to be honest) and staying over at good and trusted friend's places and housesitting for those who are on holiday.

So, yes, the future is just as uncertain. But as old doors are being shut down, new ones open. There is a whole world out there, full of possibilities and adventures, for both myself and Witty Art. And one thing I can and will promise all of you out there, however hard, however difficult, however challenging, I won't back away. I will face it, walk towards it, perhaps run, triple over a few times, fall, fall again and fail over and over again while trying.

But I will NOT give up.

All I can say is: thank the Lords & Ladies for all the support I got from trusted, loyal friends and even from total strangers, who stepped up to help me unconditionally and without any form of judgement.
Because I've met quite some Judgementalists out there...now, they'd better watch out as there will be a Witty Art series dedicated to those people with their narrow minds and shallow opinions. And trust me, they won't look too good in it!

Anyway, as my life is in both Turmoil and Transition, perhaps one of my most personal series of drawings is starting to emerge. Or rather, the outlines for it. Sketches made with a simple fineliner, straight from the heart and the mind onto the blank paper of a simple sketchbook, an unexpected but special gift from someone I hold dear.

... and out came the drawings, thoughts, notes, sketches, words & images. And however personal, I decided to share them with friends, fans & followers of Witty Art. I will upload them on my Instagram almost daily and share them in an photo album on my Facebook page; and ofcourse, here, on my Witty Art Blog. 

So, here it is. My first Witty Art Book: 'My Life In Limbo'.

Well, to be honest, it's not the very first book, but the first one I am going to share with you all; and perhaps there might be more, who knows?

Consider it a very personal, if not intimate, diary of my journey for the coming time. And however personal, however intimate, I feel the need to share it with you.

I can only hope you'll appreciate it

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Christy de Witt , de schepper van Witty Art en jou kersverse uitgaven 'MY LIVE IN LIMBO '.
    Lieve Christy heel mooi en dapper weergegeven , ga zo verder . Je bent hier een kanjer in.
    Ik waardeer het zeer. Succes.

    Beeldend kunstenares Thea Sabelis. www.sculpturentheasabelis-nl.jouwweb.nl

  2. Dank je wel voor deze mooie, lieve en fijne woorden van waardering en support, Thea Sabelis!