zondag 19 juli 2015

Last day of my Witty Art Wall during this series of summer Pop Up Expo's!

Today was the last day of our series of Summer Pop Up Expo's at Entrepothaven Area, Rotterdam. In total of 4 Pop Ups took place, starting May 17th and ending today. During which I had the pleasure of showcasing my artwork as part of a collective of various artists:

Antoinette MH Brandenburg
Natasja Dolk/Droomcreaties
Thea Sabelis
Ejub Deary
Hans La Hey 
Debby van der Drift
Gabrielle Marie 
Janneke de Pater
Erik Leeuwenbergh
Ida Broekhart
Hanneke van Santen
Lara Muradjan
Tineke Noordzij

It was an absolutely great experience and an excellent opportunity for me to showcase another version of my Witty Art Wall. I had a great time, not only talking to many interested visitors and viewers, but also actively collaborating with the other artists. We created live art on location, inspired and encouraged each other, learned from each other's different views and skills. It was a truly enlighting experience - and great fun!

I am looking forward to the next Pop Up and definitely to working again with my fellow Pop Up organisers Antoinette MH Brandenburg and Natasja Dolk. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you two, so much it didn't feel like working at all.

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