woensdag 8 april 2015

Witty Art Wall turns out to be one big live sketchbook!

It's been just over a week since the highly succesful 'Maak Het Mee' Pop Up Expo closed down. Started originally as just a two-day weekend pop-up as part of a somewhat bigger Makers' Movement Festival taking part in Rotterdam (and partially co-organised by me) I never expected it to be such a success. In the end, the exhibition got extended not only one, but three times in a row, running for almost two months. So, the creative entrepreneur in me was and is very happy with the result.

But from a more personal, artist's perspective, it has proven to be even better, as I used this opportunity not only as a great way to showcase my work, but as a chance to develop myself further, by using the raw, somewhat worn out state of the location as an inspiration to create new Witty Art on the spot. So I came up with the concept of creating my own Witty Art Wall. 

One wall, completely filled with Witty Art Work: drawings, in all various kinds of sizes and formats, created in ink and/or pencil, some finished, some not, some created on the spot, some finished on that very spot, others taken home and finsihed at some later point. And while the exhibition got extended over the following weeks, the wall's content changed constantly, developed, while sketches and drawings started to influence, then interfere and even interact with each other. And as a serious case of GottaDraw set in, I found that my Witty Art Wall had become one big giant sketchbook in itself.

It's a concept I will definitely use more, as the presentation really suits Witty Art, it's easy to set up and its flexiblity makes it ideal for pop-ups. And, most importantly, it leaves so much room to draw and create live, to explore and to experiment.

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