dinsdag 24 februari 2015

Witty Art Wall brings back 'My Favourite Disease'

So, as explained in my previous post, I got the all-of-a-sudden opportunity to showcase my work during a pop-up exhibition, as part of a the project I was co-organising. As I was quite busy with coordinating the bigger project, I originally decided to showcase a selection of older work but somehow, that just didn't feel right. The empty store which we were allowed to use for our exhibition, is in such a run-down state, that it screamed for a more playful set up, a more experimental showcase than usual. So I came up with the idea of creating my very own Witty Art Wall: a wall filled with a selection of recently created, small-sized drawings, interacting with each other. All of the drawings being part of a bigger story, all of them together forming this one big moodboard, telling the story of my life, my art, over the past months.

Almost like a giant mural, but one continiously changing, alternating over a whole week, as I plan to play with the position of some drawings, creating new ones and adding them, perhaps taking some off and replacing them by old ones. One week-lasting work-in-progress, which will help me to determine into which direction my art, and thus my life, will go this coming year.

Because, in more than many ways, 2014 has been a turning point for me, both privately and professionally. I was faced with having to make some extremely difficult choices, having to let go of things that have proved to be nothing but false security - but still a enormous challenge to let go of. It was a year of having to face myself, and some of my biggest fears, my dearest demons and a lot of other things, people even, I'd held dear for so long. I pretty much killed some darlings last year. But I had to. I had to in order to move forward and channel all my energy and focus towards realising my life long dream: conquer the world with Witty Art. Or at least give it my all trying!

Perhaps, most telling is this. Last couple of months I have been suffering of what I call a bad case of 'GottaDraw'. GottaDraw I use as a term to describe those feverish outbursts of just having to draw, no matter what, of needing to create or you'll go mad (which sounds pretty dramatic, I know, but to me, it simply is like that). I think this case of GottaDraw resulted in over 250 new Witty Art Works in just two months, not even sure, I tried to count but I gave up. 

Anyway, one of these drawings turned out to be 'What D'Ya Mean, You Brought Back Our Favourite Disease?'. At first, I thought, 'how funny, that's based on an older drawing', and didn't give it any further tought, but I did decided to put it up on the wall. But I couldn't ignore the sensation of being reconnected with an estranged family member, as it were. And when I was looking at it, I realised this drawing was trying to tell my something. So, I brought out the original - not the actual original drawing, as I didn't have that one with me, but a printed postcard of it. I put the two up on the Witty Art Wall together.

You see, 'My Favourite Disease, I suppose', was created in 2008, shortly after a long period of creative drought (which I mentioned before in a couple of previous blogs). Actually, it was one of the first drawings I made after all those years. That simple drawing kicked off a series of events I never imagined to happen. I had given up on drawing, I had given up on creating. I had given up on my dream of sharing my art with other people. I never expected for Witty Art, my art, to be where it is now - so imagine where it can be in a couple of years' time, or even in a year's time.

That one simple drawing marked a whole new beginning for me, seven years ago. So imagine how touched I was when, seven years later, this drawing appeared on paper, a dear character reappearing, like a long lost relative. .. and the most beautiful thing of all is, that I finally figured out what ''My Favourite Disease'' really is. All that time, I never even knew myself what those words meant. But now I do. And it's a disease I never ever want to be cured of, not ever again. 

You see, I'll gladly suffer a bad case of GottaDraw. Anytime. All the time.

And that means, you have not seen the last of Witty Art yet. By far not.

'To Bring Back My Favourite Disease' | Witty Art Wall 

Pop Up Expo Josephlaan 38 
Niks Art Fart, Bima Engels, Casper.Inc, Jimmy Granti, Dolle Baas, Stephanie van Loenen, YARA, POSYX, Roland Hendrik, Quint Hartmann en Christy de Witt 

Sun & Saturday February 21 & 22: 14-17u
Wednesday February 25 - Sunday March 1: 14-17u

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