donderdag 5 februari 2015

New page online dedicated to What People Think About Witty Art

Finally! I finally found the time to update this blog, by adding a new page, dedicated to 'What People Say About Witty Art'. A selection of what various people - Witty Art owners, fellow artists and people I worked with on various (creative) projects - view my work, how it makes them feel, what touched them or what made them want to have it. Or any other thoughts or emotions.

These 'testimonials' are partially in English, partially in Dutch, and the coming days/weeks I will add some more. Whenever I can, and provided I have the time, I will try to put Dutch-to-English translations up there as well, but can't promise anything at this stage.

All together, I think it gives a nice impression of What People Think of Witty Art.

A Huge and Honest Thank you to all of you who have, one way or the other, supported me and still are doing so. 

All the best to you, my friends!

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