zondag 20 augustus 2017

Another small visual impression of the Makers Expo at Toko51!

Yesterday I was host at the Makers Expo at Toko51 (my joint project together with Cretopia Rotterdam). It was a relatively quiet day, so I took the opportunity of making some more pictures, especially as this exhibition is what you could call a work in progress in itself, as some artists and makers have already left, because of other obligations and/or opportunities, but also some new faces have come on board and joined our beautiful adventure called Het Museum van de Wijk (The Community Museum) based in Het Oude Westen Rotterdam! 

In a next blog*, I will elaborate a bit more on my own Witty Art presentation and why I made the choice to exhibit this new artwork. Stay tuned for more!

Het Museum van de Wijk July 15 - September 30 2017
Toko 51, West-Kruiskade 51 Rotterdam
Open Thursdays - Saturdays 13-17hrs.

Artwork & Creative Crafts by Jaap de Korte, John Vandergalien, Wolbert van Dijk, Rio Holländer, Snotnose, Mireia Romaguera, Amine van Lieshout/BagMe, Margo Ramp, Diana van Wijk, Judith de Leeuw/JDL Streetart, Donovan Spaanstra, Esther Schoonhoven, Lenny O., Piet Hein, Robin Hendriks, Francisca Ghiraw, Laura Ketting, Akke Haarsma & Students and Christy de Witt.

* Additional edit September 6 2017: This particular blog has now been written and online, you can read it by clicking here, enjoy!

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