maandag 16 mei 2016

'Lost Bear': Perpetually Glad To Be Unhappy

So, let me introduce to you all, one of my personal favourites from that only slightly surreal, somewhat bizarre, thoroughly twisted realm that is The World of Witty Art (otherwise affectionately known as my brain).

Meet Lost Bear. A brave little fellow, perpetually Glad To Be Unhappy (to quote the legendary Rodgers & Hart composition, of which you can read more here). Life is pretty much against him, gets him down every time and time and time again, but he never ever gives up. He never fails in trying and trying again and again - even though Life never fails to fail him.

Lost as he may be, he is at home feeling lost. And that, somehow, sums up the whole feeling of being displaced that is ever-present in everything I create. Every drawing, every painting, every mixed media work, every little freaking doodle too.

Please let me invite you to Lost Bear's Lost World. Have a wander around, a little stroll, a little dance perhaps. He will be around many, many more times. Sometimes even a little less lost. He may surprise you.

So, more, much more of this little fella soon!

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