maandag 1 februari 2016

Rediscovering "Willow Minnows'': a bunch of little cheeky bastards!

In 2012, I began working on a series called ''Willow Minnows''. As often in my work, this series also featured a bunch of little ''unsung heroes''. The little folk battling the far higher powers that be. The first two drawings came about pretty quickly, then somehow, my attention got divided and turned elsewhere, to other Witty Art Series.

It was not sooner than fall 2014, when I started working on what I thought was a new set of drawings, for a fresh new series. But as I was working on them, it soon became clear that these were part of ''The Willow Minnows'' family, or tribe, or whatever you want to call it.

It's within the very nature of Witty Art Series that some are ''ongoing'', as in: I can work on them enthusiastically for a while, and then put them aside for a while. Not because I am done with them at that moment, but because I have said what I wanted to say for now and it's time for a break. And it's not that I forget all about them, as I work on other series of drawings, and Singles too. It's more like often some work needs to rest for some time, to grow, to ripe, pretty much like a fine wine or cheese. And some work needs a bit longer time than others.

To me, it's always a surprise when I look at work I've stored away for a while. Will I find the work still as interesting, as thrilling as I first created it? Will I see new things, discover new insights, feel something I didn't feel before? When I do, I almost always instantly know there will be more of these. New additions to this specific series, or new ways of exploring the theme in a more Singles-like manner.

Sometimes, I just find the series is ''done'' all together. And that's also fine. 

But in the case of ''Willow Minnows'', none of the above. I just started working on them again, while not even knowing or realising I was doing so. And, it was just as good that I did, as I managed to sell one of the later drawings almost immediately.

Just goes to show what a bunch of cheeky ones these ''Willow Minnows'' are. Never underestimate them - at least I won't!

I will dedicate a separate blogspost to these new drawings soon!

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